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Terms Of Use

Rental Period

The rental period begins at the Start Date at noon ET, and ends at noon ET on your End Date. To extend the rental period, please call Customer Service at 1-800-615-1430.

At the End Date, or at a later date if agreed with DayPassWireless, Customer returns the air card to DayPassWireless.

Rental Charges

When the Customer places an order, the total rental and shipping costs will be charged to the credit card or PayPal account. The customer does not pay rental fees for the transit days of the aircard. 


There are no cancellation fees for orders cancelled before shipment. If the order has already been shipped, the Customer must ship the equipment back as soon as he/she receives it. The Customer will pay 1-day rental fees plus the shipping costs. 

Allocated Capacity with Sprint aircards and hotspots

Unlimited usage of all types including audio/video streaming and movie downloads with Sprint air cards and personal mobile hotspots.  

Allocated Capacity for Verizon and AT&T

You will be allocated 250 MBytes of data upload/download, per day of rental (1.8 GBytes per week, 7.5 GBytes per month). Usage over that limit will be charged at 1 cent/MByte ($10/GByte).

Video and audio streaming will deplete much more of your data allowance than any other online activity. The table below shows some applications with usage not exceeding your allocated daily capacity.


 Allowed Usage per Day

 (for Verizon and AT&T)

 Browsing typical web pages

 16 hours (2000 pages)

 E-mails (without attachment)


 Chat and social sites (no large files)

 15 hours

 Audio streaming

 1.5 hours (40 songs)

 Video streaming

 15 minutes

 Photos (low resolution - 500 KB)

 60 pictures

 Online gaming

 15 minutes

Unlimited video streaming and movie downloads with Sprint rentals

Damage and Loss

If you damage the air card or mobile hotspot, we will fix it at no charge. Take note that all devices are tested before every rental to make sure they work well. In the unlikely event that the air card is not functioning properly, please notify DayPassWireless Customer Service at 1- 800-615-1430. If you lose the air card, we will charge you the replacement cost only.

For usage inside the United States Only

We do not allow usage of the air cards outside US. If you use the air card outside the US, you will be charged for the international roaming fees incurred.

Liability and warranties

DayPassWireless will in no event be responsible for any losses, damages, or liability (including lost wages, time, or profits), in the event that the equipment does not function or is not used properly.

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